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The Nha Trang beaches: where to swim and in what season

Tell you what, the beaches of Nha Trang is well worth a visit and, most importantly, what time to do it The city beaches of Nha Trang, shall we say, good. They even regularly get into the international Tops. And yet, considered one of the most budget in the world. And chic but they can not be called – coarse sand, high waves, the crowds of visitors. And because tourists

MUI ne attractions: what to see

Here, of course, not Saigon and not Halong Bay, but the sights of MUI ne is quite capable to surprise even the seasoned traveler About which of them are worth a visit, we asked in the travel Agency “Victor tour”. Most of these places are in the program their sightseeing and other excursions. And altorki, wherever you fly, you need to go necessarily. First, many of the sights of MUI

The Vietnamese made a fortune on flies

The black linki bring Vietnamese at USD 900 per kilogram of their larvae Pham van BAA for five years grows those insects. His farm is located in Duc Hoa district of long an province. Having worked as a teacher for more than 20 years old, he started to breed pigeons and snakes. But soon he had a new passion — the black livingi. These flies are grown in many countries.

Three Vietnamese cities have been included in the list of the best for freelancers

Australian news portal, “Nine” included three Vietnamese cities in the list of the best places to live “digital nomads” The list is made on the basis of criteria such as cost of living, Internet speed, weather, price of beer and the friendliness of the locals. In the first place was the Vietnamese Nha Trang: “Focused cost the life of a freelancer in the famous seaside resort Nha Trang is USD

Apple want to move production to Vietnam

Partners Apple for the Assembly of smartphones “Foxconn” consider the transfer of production to Vietnam from China This is due to the so-called trade war between China and the United States. At the moment, the smartphones, “Apple” collect Shenzhen and Shanghai. Among the contenders for the location of new plants and Thailand. In the Vietnamese press about the dialogue between the representatives of the company and Hanoi: “”Foxconn Group” and

Paradise Resort offers a VIP area on Soclete

On “Paradise Resort” has appeared the VIP-area with private sunbeds Here, guests can enjoy the sound of waves and rustling palms away from the other tourists, among them “Paradise Resort” is becoming more and more popular. The VIP area is located next to a small cozy garden and a restaurant, where vacationers can enjoy fresh caught in the area of seafood. Rent sun beds here cost VND 50 000. Also

Vietnam will launch direct flights from Israel

Flight tel Aviv-Hanoi plans to launch a Vietnamese airline “Vietnam Airlines” Flight tel Aviv-Hanoi will fly twice a week. Initially it will be only a experiment of the airline. This was stated by the head of the Vietnamese company Thanh Chi Duong. He recently visited Israel, where he agreed to cooperate with the Israeli airline “El Al Israel Airlines Ltd”. The Ambassador of Israel in Vietnam Nadab Askar said that

English may be the second official language of Vietnam

The information Minister of Vietnam Nguyen hung Manh was proposed to make English the second official language in the country His proposal official stated at a Symposium on finding solutions for creative Vietnamese startups: “We’re not just talking about startups in Vietnam, but also about the process of globalization in General. And the path to globalization — English language. I suggest to the Prime Minister to announce his second official”.